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30 January 2014

The Treatment of rough Ural emeralds in Lazyrit-D

In December 2013, the Gemological center of Moscow state University (Vorob’evy gory) hosted the opening of "the Gemologists’ Club". Amongst other speakers at the opening of the club, a presentation was made by the head craftsman of Lazyrit-D, Polonik V. F. He spoke about the goals and tasks set before the group of Russian diamond cutters who have received permission to study the market of colored gemstones thereby improving the pricing system and the treatment process of Ural emeralds mined in Malyshevo. The processing of emeralds is carried out by the control apparatus of the industry and company "Lazyrit-D". It is worth noting that the faceted stones have not been oiled.

Lots of rough stones. Factions of -2+10 to -10+20

Lot of rough stones for research on polishing machines (improvements in Gemological center of Moscow state University)

Process of a fancy cut. A briolette cut.

Process of a fancy cut. A heart-shaped cut.

Process of fancy cut. Pear shape with engraving.

Our other works.

Emeralds are cut and polished in our company by qualified professionals with over 40 years of experience. Professionals who not only work with the ‘king’ of minerals - diamonds, but now also emeralds.

We welcome anyone who is interested to work with us.

Head craftsman of faceting precious coloured stones Polonik. V.F.

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